Richard Burger's picture Richard Burger
Chair and Director of Graduate Studies, Archaeological Studies; Charles J. MacCurdy Professor of Anthropology; Curator Peabody Museum
51 HLH / O:106
Phone: 203-432-6517
Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos's picture Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos
Assistant Professor of Anthropology; Assistant Curator Peabody Museum
51 HLH / O:301, 10 SACH / L:05
Phone: 203-436-5923
Ellery Frahm's picture Ellery Frahm
Director, Yale Initiative for the Study of Ancient Pyrotechnology; Faculty Research Scientist, Department of Anthropology
51 Hillhouse Avenue, room 303, New Haven, CT 06511
Phone: 203-432-6610
William Honeychurch's picture William Honeychurch
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Archaeological Studies and Anthropology; Associate Professor of Anthropology
51 HLH / O:305
Phone: 203-432-3676
Roderick McIntosh's picture Roderick McIntosh
Clayton Stephenson / Yale Class of 1954 Professor of Anthropology; Curator of Anthropology, Peabody Museum
51 HLH / O:207 L:203
Phone: 203-432-6649
Lucy Salazar's picture Lucy Salazar
Research Associate, Machu Picchu Project
Phone: 203-432-9718
Eric Sargis's picture Eric Sargis
Professor of Anthropology and of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Curator Peabody Museum
10 SACH / O:208
Phone: 203-432-6140
Jessica Thompson's picture Jessica Thompson
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
10 Sachem Street
Anne Underhill's picture Anne Underhill
Chair, Anthropology; Professor of Anthropology; Curator Peabody Museum
51 HLH / O:208a L:201
Phone: 203-436-3406
David Watts's picture David Watts
Director of Graduate Studies, Anthropology; Professor of Anthropology
Phone: +1 (203) 432-9597