Ellery Frahm

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Director, Yale Initiative for the Study of Ancient Pyrotechnology; Faculty Research Scientist, Department of Anthropology
51 Hillhouse Avenue, room 303, New Haven, CT 06511

Dr. Frahm is an archaeological scientist who teaches and conducts research both in the field and in the laboratory. He has conducted and published studies on four continents, spanning nearly half a million years of human history. He studied Physics and Anthropology at Grinnell College in Iowa. His Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Archaeological Studies at the University of Minnesota explored the Old Copper complex of the American Midwest, and his doctorate in Anthropology from the same institution examined trade in the Bronze Age Middle East. As a Marie Curie fellow at the University of Sheffield in England, he developed scientific approaches to the study of Eastern Mediterranean material culture. Since 2010, his research has focused on the Caucasus, specifically Armenia and Georgia, although his other recent projects span from Oregon to Kenya. He has taught a range of interdisciplinary courses, from Anthropology of the Modern Middle East and North Africa to Electron Microprobe Theory & Practice. 

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