Anne Underhill

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Chair, Anthropology; Professor of Anthropology; Curator Peabody Museum
51 HLH / O:208a L:201

Anne Underhill, Professor of Anthropology, is also Director of Graduate Studies for Anthropology and a Curator at the Peabody Museum who is actively using museum collections in teaching, thanks to the assistance of Anthropology Division staff people. She is also a member of the Council on East Asian Studies at Yale.

Since returning to Yale in January 2010, Professor Underhill offered a team-taught course on museums with Dr. David Odo from the Yale University Art Gallery during spring semester 2012 called Museums and Their Objects. During spring semester 2015, she will offer a related team-taught course with Professor Douglas Rogers from the Department of Anthropology, called Anthropology and the Material World. Seminar participants will discuss methods of interpreting material objects in archaeology and sociocultural anthropology for understanding cultures, and related methods used for researching museum objects. Professor Underhill traveled to Korea and Japan during the summer of 2014 to visit museums in preparation for a new course offered in the fall of 2014, Archaeology of East Asia (covering China, Japan, and Korea).

Like the other archaeology professors, Professor Underhill aims to contribute to the protection of archaeological heritage resources throughout the world. In August 2013, she was part of a group of American archaeologists who testified at the State Department in Washington, D.C., in support of the request by the People’s Republic of China to extend the restrictions established five years ago for the import of ancient cultural objects to the U.S. President Obama agreed to support this request.

In addition to publications listed in her full biography, she has added a 2013 edited book: A Companion to Chinese Archaeology, edited by Anne P. Underhill; Wiley-Blackwell Press, Malden, MA, 30 chapters.

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