Archaeology In Action

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Our Faculty

The council is composed of faculty from a broad range of Yale departments, including Anthropology, Classics, History, History of Art, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, and Religious Studies, as well as the Peabody Museum of Natural History.

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Yale's Department of Anthropology offers a Ph.D. program with a track in archaeology (in addition to tracks in biological, linguistic, medical, and sociocultural anthropology).
The council's M.A. program aims to give students the coursework and research experience needed for the next phases of their professional careers or academic journeys.
Yale undergraduate students can choose to major in Archaeological Studies and tailor their degrees to incorporate courses across the council's affiliated departments.

Ancient pottery in basement of Peabody Museum

Our Resources

Our students benefit from and have access to world-class museums and libraries, state-of-the-art archaeological science facilities, and funding opportunies for fieldwork.

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Quotation from student about why?

Why study archaeology?

Conducting archaeological research is like writing a historical novel. From fragments of the past, you can see how the lives of groups of people you have never met unfolded. All the love, hatred, joy, and sorrow has gone, yet you can piece them out and picture them vividly based on the material remains.”

– Teresa, Master’s student

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Research Areas

Our faculty and students conduct research around the world, uphold the value of world archaeology, and investigate complex societies in their myriad forms throughout human history.

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News & Events

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The Council on Archaeological Studies runs the Archaeology Brown Bag talks and the Ancient Latin American seminar series on Fridays at 12 noon during the academic year (held...
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Our undergraduate and graduate students are required to complete an archaeological field school or conduct other fieldwork, so the council keeps track of relevant field...
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As the public health crisis associated with the Coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold, there have been disturbing reports of an increase in anti-Asian, and particularly...