Roderick McIntosh

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Clayton Stephenson / Yale Class of 1954 Professor of Anthropology; Curator of Anthropology, Peabody Museum
51 HLH / O:207 L:203

Roderick James McIntosh, Ph.D., University of Cambridge. Professor of Anthropology at Yale University (New Haven, CT), Curator of Anthropology at the Peabody Museum, New Haven, and Honorary Distinguished Professor of Archaeology at the University of Pretoria (South Africa)(Department of Anthropology and Archaeology).  His excavations continued for almost 30 years at Jenne-jeno, Mali (considered the oldest city in sub-Saharan Africa). He also dug in Ghana and directed archaeological projects in Senegal and at several other locales within the Middle Niger of Mali. In 1990 he was a Guggenheim Fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (Stanford); in 1991 he was Senior Fulbright Fellow at the University of Dakar, Senegal, and in 2000 at the University of Mali.

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